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Re: Catheters, Oxy, and Dementia...oh my!

The biggest challenge in all of this is that none of us lives nearby. I live in Florida and my siblings live in Kansas (6 1/2 hours from Dad), New Mexico (about 11 hours), and Boston (a plane ride). What has me annoyed is all this time they have not believed me about his diagnosis (my little brother has been on board for about a year). They also wanted me out of their relationship with him. I used to give updates but they always turned into an argument so I stopped. Now all of a sudden they believe me and have decided to take things into their own hands. Which would be okay if they would just use their brains for a minute. If I don't know what they are doing, I could be doing something else entirely. This is confusing for Dad and guess who he calls? Me. Which is fine. I don't mind helping him. I don't mind calming him down. It's the needless anxiety and extra work they are causing that I mind. And them telling me how to do stuff now. I've been at this for almost 2 years. I'm certainly no expert but I'm pretty sure I know how to hold a conversation and get my point across.
I'm just frustrated.
I've called his primary doctor and am waiting on a call from him to explain the situation. I asked that they send the other doctor's office official notice of Dad's condition. I'm also awaiting a call from the office manager at the urologist's office. She and I will be hashing out the situation from the other day. My goal in this is to make sure this doesn't happen again. The first time, a mistake. Thankfully no one was harmed. But now the office manager will be on full alert that someone is watching. I've taken steps to get someone at all of Dad's appointments. I have also begun searching for doctors here. He will be here soon. Not sure when yet, but soon.
My older brother thinks Dad is going to balk at moving. I agree. My older brother thinks I will cave to Dad's demands for a long time. I will not. He wants to know how I'll get him to move if he says no. I told him I will pick him up and put him in the car if necessary but that I will not stand by and do nothing for fear of upsetting Dad.
I officially unwish that my sibs would get involved. Or at least that we work together.
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