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Re: Catheters, Oxy, and Dementia...oh my!

Here is the latest post on Dad's care page from me after speaking to the office manager:

I just spoke to the office manager at the urologist's office. She seemed to have taken the time to look over Dad's chart prior to my call. I explained our concerns. She assured me Dad was not given any medication prior to his procedure. We talked about the catheter and I asked if patients normally remove them at home. She said some do and some don't. I explained Dad's anxiety this week about cutting the tube and she has noted Dad's chart that a) he has Alzheimer's (doctor faxed the official paperwork), b) he has severe hearing loss so sometimes just answers the way he thinks you want him to, and c) I will be notified of any future appointments. I did not threaten her with a lawsuit or malpractice as I did not feel it was warranted. She took the time to speak with me and agreed we need to avoid this in the future. She also told me that when they remove the catheter tomorrow Dad needs to be able to pee. If he cannot do that, they will likely have to replace the catheter. I will call and speak to Laura about this. Dad is super excited to get this thing out.
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