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Question Do I have a problem with my kidneys?

I have had swelling all over my body for 10 years. It is not all the time, just every once in a while. The back of my head will swell up for no reason then my legs and hands then my tounge swells up. Then I have the worst headache for about 4 to 7 days, even my hair hurts. Then my headache seems to go away and I have a problem going to the bathroom. I feel like I have to go real bad then no much comes out. Then about a week later I am fine the swelling goes down and I am back to somewhat of a normal life. I am always sleepy.

Now I have had the same problems going on for a month. I went to the obgyn and she said I had blood in my urine and sent me to a urologist. They did a ct and said I did not have a kidney stone, now he wants to do another ct with dye. He took some blood to see my creatine levels. My skin is aways dry no matter how much lotion I put on. I do not drink sodas, all I drink is water. The last time this happened I was told I drank to many sodas. I was hoping that I would not get this again, but I did. I am thirsty no stop. I drink about 8 to 10 20oz bottles a day. I can drink one right after the other. I have had my thyriod check and that is working fine.

I am just ready for answers.

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