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Re: Hypogammaglobulinemia

Originally Posted by mws952002 View Post
I had some blood work by my neurologist because I have periphial neuropathy. He was concerned because of reduced feeling in feet, and to a lesser case finger, as well as dry eye/mouth problem & diagnosis of gastoparesis last year, that something was working on the nerves.

The results came back & were ok except the MONOGAM SERUM INITIAL, BL. It noted: Hypogammaglobulinemia is present. Immunofixation shows no evidence of a monoclonal protein.

I don't now what the immunofixation means. My IGG & IGM was below normal. My allergist/immunologist said it could be from an infection. She wants to test again in a month with some sort of Titer test. I am not sure what that is. Meanwhile, my neurologist said we don't know the cause of the neuropathy which occurs in about 30% of cases. I had an ANA test about 6 years ago, but it was ok.

Is is there no correlation between my neuropathy & blood test? Is it possible to have a low antibody test one time & normal the next? Not sure what to make out of all this.
If your IgG and IgM are 2 standard deviations below normal range (whatever your labs range is), they may be looking at Common Variable Immune Deficiency or Hypogammaglobulenemia. The "titers" you mentioned are: they will give you a pneumonia and tetanus vaccine, then wait 3 weeks, draw your blood and see if you mounted a response (made antibodies - titers would be your levels). If no to at least one of those, then you may have cvid which is uncureable but a very treatable Primary Immune Deficiency Disease. It presents differently in people: most have gut issues like IBS, some, like me, were constantly sick (like 20 infections per year). Autoimmune disease is very common in people with CVID.

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