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FNH nearly 10cms

Hi, I was in hospital back in August for asthma then transferred via ambulance to another hospital who had better facilitites and drs for treating asthma. Well at bot hospitals they id blood tests including liver function. I wasn't at all worried until at the 2nd hospital one of the drs mentioned it had risen since February, the last time I had had blood taken. He suggested I see my GP when I got out.

Well I did and she ordered an ultrasound that came back saying I had a mass of approx 7cms long and to have a follow up CT scan. That showed an ovoid mass of approx
quote from the scan
"There is a large mass lesion involving the liver. It is indebting segments 2 and 3 from posteriorly and possibly is arising from segment 4, and extending lateally from this to about segments 2 and 3 from posteriorly. It is a large, solid mass lesion with axial dimensions of 88 x 60 mm. The mass has a craniocaudal dimension of 73mm. It is isodense with hepatic parenchyma pre contrast. On the post contrast portal venous phase it has almost uniformly enhanced apart from a central hyposense stellate scar. There is no peripheral, globular enhancement but there are prominent vessels around the periphery of the lesion, particularly it's posteerior or medial margins. On the delayed phase there is a persistenet although smaller central hypodense scar.

There is also one additional liver lesion which is a cyst in segment 7. "

well to add to that I had another week in hospital in November and then noticed sciatica in my left leg. On Feb 13 I had a L5-S1 microdiscectomy and still recovering from that. But whilst in hospital for that it was mentioned about my liver tumour and next thing the gastrointeroloist or whatever is callled, came in and asked to see the scans. My husband brought the scans in and my Yee brought them back a few days later saying he wanted e to have an MRI as it was THE largest FNH he had ever seen. It looked like he was rubbing his hands in glee at the thought of removing it and bottling it for future presentations. I had another follow up scan the week before ht eback surgery flared up and that showed minimal change "The mass is well circumscribed and ovoid in shape. It contains a central low density scar that remains low density on all phases of the scan.
When compared to the previous study there has been no significant chancge to the size of of the mass, with maximum axial diameter of approx 88mm and maximum transverse diameter of measuring approx 57 mm."

so now I have a benign tumour which Mr yee id not 100% sure it is benign hence wanting the MRI and a scar in my back and left over sciatica from spinal surgery. yay great start to 2012. Oh nad it was 5 months between the two liver scans.

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