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Can i take Berocca and Vitamin C together?

Sorry guys i lied in my subject, its not proper berocca i use, its asda's own which contains about 490mg of vit c and 9mg of zinc.

I know there is lots more vitamins but there is a reason why i am interested in these 2 in particular...

I have a planned operation this month and was told by the pre-op nurse that taking vitamin c is very good and has been prooved to aid patinets after surgery.

I bought some vitamin c effervescents today which also have zinc in, the vit c is 1000mg and zinc is 15mg.

I am wondering if taking my asda's effervescents as well as the 1000mg vit c will be too much, or is nearly 1500mg of vitamin c / 24mg zinc ok to take each day?

Or would i be best stopping the asda's own effervescents and just have the 1000mg of vitamin c per day on its own?


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