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In need of an opinion on my Raynaud's!

I was just Diagnosed with Raynaud's a few days ago by my Rheumy. I have a lot of blood work to get done, and since I do not have insurance, I am having to split the test up in groups( talk about expensive on self pay).I am awaiting my ana, hep panel,cbc,cmp,cpk,and rf to come in.

Anywho, since I have about a month til my 1st round of results come in, I just wanted an opinion on if it's likely that I have a connective tissue dissorder, and If my Raynauds sounds like a severe case. Here is a somewhat brief description of what I have going on.

I had seen my GP before the rheumy, and my hands, and feet were swollen, burned, ached,and had stabbing pains. I had flesh colored bumps under my toes, purple bruises, and red bumps that quickly turned into dime sized ulcers on the top of my toes. I did notice that my toes were bone chilling cold at times, so the raynauds makes since.However, with all of the other pain i was in, it was the last thing on my mind. My GP thought I had a form of arthritis.
My rheumy confirmed i do not , and all joints look good. After seeing my GP I started having severe sensitivity to light. Lots of floaters when in daylight or any bright light, blurry vision, headaches, and flashes of purple light everytime I drove at night. After that I started having sharp pains all over my body. So painful that it brought me to tears. I would feel hot one minute and the next have chills, and felt dizzy. I then started having episodes of intense chest pains, rapid heart beat with some skipped beats,and shortness of breath. After a few attacks, I was actually sleeping and awoken from my sleep by irregular heat beat, pain, and dizzines. That is actually what made me break down and go see a rheumy.

Other than the Raynauds, she said it could be nothing or possibly a connective tissue disorder. She said that since I did not have a rash, she though it was unlikely to have lupus.

1. Does my raynauds sound like primary, or secondary?
2. Do my symptoms sound like I may have something else going on with my Raynauds, or is it typical Raynauds symptoms?

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