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Unhappy Endometrial Cells on Pap, freaking out!

I got a call from my doctor and I have endometrial cells on my pap results. I am 41 so this is an issue. She had me come in for an ultrasound. My lining is 4 mm which is good and I have a fibroid that is 4 cm. I have to go back in 4-6 months for a re-pap. If its still there I have to have an endometrial biopsy. This being said, I am freaking out. Over the past few years, I almost lost my son before he was born due to issues, I had glandular cells on my pap while pregnant, they did go away, thankfully. I had preeclampsia that turned into postpartum preeclampsia which landed me in the ER and then to cardiologist to try and stabilize my blood pressure and put me through a bunch of tests. There were days I thought I wasn't going to make it. The stress and anziety was so bad I ended up on Wellbutrin. Recently my son was evaluated due to developmental delays and they are trying to push autism. One of his issues is he still wakes 4-6 times a night so i havent slept through the night for over 2 years, i am sooooo tired. So then I get this call and went into panic mode. I felt a little better after the ultrasound but I keep reading and reading and the anziety is building. I have had such bad luck I expect I will need the endometrial biopsy. I am terrified of it.

The tenaculum looks like a torture device. Why on earth don't they sedate you! I have a tight cervix from cryosurgery I had at 17. I also had a c-section so no dilation ever. They will not have an easy time doing this biopsy if they need to. So now I am torn between being afraid of the test and afraid I have cancer in me. Will waiting a few months put me at risk? Did anyone have a re-pap and how was it? The endometrial biopsy was really bad wasn't it? What exactly does it feel like? I just need a break. I need sleep and to know I'm ok. Any advice? What was your experience?

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