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Re: Have Pituitary Tumor... Need Help,Advice,and Support

Originally Posted by reves777 View Post
Hi. Im new here. I have a pituitary tumor (functioning) that is destroying my quality of life! Im scared to get surgery, sick of taking more and more drugs, and Ill do just about anything to get healthy again and get my hormone levels back to normal so I can live a normal life, as well as have another baby. Anyone that can help tell me what hospital/programs,etc.(I now have no insurance) that would accept me and the risks vs. benefits...or anything that may be of help PLEASE contact me! Im losing hope, and CAN NOT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!!! Thanks to anyone in advance for responding. Robin

It's really sad that insurance companies don't realize that by not removing this tumour right away, bills will cost in the many thousands later from the offshooting deadly diseases. By the way, I know of two people who had theirs removed and know of one other whose mother had hers removed. Yes, the operations are dangerous, but if you go to a surgeon who has done a whole lot of them it's safer.

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