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Re: Vestibular Migraine

I was Dx with them in Aug 2010 and am I my 2nd Migraine medication to treat it which is Topomax. I take 100 MG, and that take care of a lot of the dizziness and Vertigo that lower doses didn't treat, but I do have side effects. It had changed my taste and I can no longer drink any type of beer and I can no longer drink anything carbonated. It taste flat or completely disgusting. Everything has side effects and it works for my migraines so I take it. I have to give up pop! Small price to pay.

My doctor did not know what to make of what was going on with me. The vertigo, dizziness, nausea, sometimes I would get headaches, sometimes not. Sometimes my ears feel like they want to pop or they are curling. Being a full time student and working part time to support myself most of the time I suffered through it. Sometime if I were at work I would be forced to go home.

I was referred to a balance center and they Dx right away. I do want to do the Vestibular Rehab, but I have little time for right now and the medication is working fine. Maybe after I am done with school, I guess.

I am happy to find other people with this! It is so hard to find any information on it and even harder with people who have it!

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