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Re: itching, burning feeling

The burning and itching definitely sounds like a Urinary Tract Infection - unfortunately, I get them chronically. Not all UTI's are associated with discharge as although I do get it (and always have, even before becoming sexually active) it's never had an odour or odd colour. Medication is definitely the best way to go when treating them, but there's a few home-remedies that have worked for me while I waited to get in to see the doctor.

1 - Drink Cranberry juice. Unfortunately the 'cocktails' don't work here, you need the hard-hitting legitimate cranberry juice. Mixing it with 7-UP or something of the sort dilutes the taste.
2 - Drink a LOT of water, staying hydrated helps your body clear out bad toxins. This is worth it even if the pain increases while you're urinating.
3 - Don't wear tight jeans, thongs or anything of that sort, as it might irritate it.
4 - Be careful when washing, avoid using soaps with any sort of smell or chemicals as that might irritate the infection. Use lots of water to wash it out and hypoallergenic soap if you can get some.

I hope this clears up for you soon! I understand just how uncomfortable these can be.