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Thumbs down Jaw pain after wisdom teeth extraction

I am 19 years old and got my 4 wisdom teeth out Tuesday 2/28 and it is now Sunday 3/4. My two top wisdom teeth were partially erupted and have given me no problems post extraction. My bottom two were impacted underneath the gum line at about 45 degrees. Since the surgery, I wake up every morning in intense jaw pain. To my knowledge it is not a TMJ problem, although the joint/muscle in that area sometimes throbs. The pain is mostly near my chin and along my jaw bone that occasionally leads to the ear. It's a throbbing pain. I am on Vicodin and acetaminophen 5/500 and have been taking two ibuprofen 200mg with the Vicodin. I also am taking antibiotics. I got checked out at the my OS yesterday and there were no dry sockets and the sockets are actually clean and healing great. So why is my jaw throbbing? Is this normal? Also, the 2nd molar that was next to my bottom wisdom tooth gives me a weird feeling when I open my mouth too wide, as if it's me putting pressure on a pulled muscle or something, it kind of pulses and feels strained and is very tender and painful. He told me there were no complications during the surgery so I can't imagine if I had a fractured jaw or something he wouldn't know about it. I can't stand this pain and nobody is really taking me seriously, just putting it off as "it's normal you just got teeth removed." Someone please respond with some input! Thanks!

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