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14 year old. Help as dr. doesn't seem concerned

My son has hereditary high cholestrol. Have known this since he was born. He is about 10 pounds overweight. He does hiking and normal playing but not extremely active.

I'm going to post in diabetes section too.

He's been suffering from headaches and also we found had elevated blood pressure consistantly for past 6 months of 135/80.

So doctor has him do blood work and urinalysis. He didn't eat for the night and it was within an hour of him waking up. He ate dinner the night before of veggies and grilled chicken at 7.

Doctor didn't say anything to me other than high cholestrol but I had it mailed to me. I'm concerned as cancer and diabetes run in grandparents.

Results that are concerning to me but doctor didn't say anything about:
Glucose Fasting 106 when normal is 65-99

WBC 3.8 when normal is 4.5 to 13

Urine cloudy, trace amounts of both ketones and proteins

Doctor discussed but is best that it has been and even at 4 it was high:
Total Cholestrol 335 (note his brother who has 4% body fat and is in superb condition has 370)
HDL 32
LDL 271
Triglycerides 160

She only suggested that he have a doppler study of the venal arteries after all of this. I'm concerned about all the issues.


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