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Re: Jaw pain after wisdom teeth extraction

OK. Think of it this way. You just had your mouth wide open for a long period of time. The muscle in the jaw really suffers from this. It will tense up for any reason and opening your mouth widely after surgical trauma will only make the muscle tense more.

Sorry, but I'm with the others. When I had my four wisdom teeth out I couldn't open my mouth at all. It locked shut. Best I could do for a MONTH was drink liquids through a straw and then was finally able to slip a slice of pizza in. It took nearly three months before my mouth felt normal again.

When you open you mouth widely what you're doing is exactly what you feel. Swollen tissue putting pressure on the muscle and nerve and causing you pain. Don't do that! You probably also had a ton of novocain shot in there, too.

The intense morning pain would be from the muscle staying in one position, and probably clenched, for an extended period. Then you try to move it. Try as hard as you can to relax your jaw, esp when going to sleep.

You really DO have to give yourself a break. Having wisdom teeth out can be very painful esp. if they were impacted and the bottom ones are right at the jaw angle.

Try warm compresses to the outside of your face along the jawline from ear to chin. Don't open your mouth too widely, but do GENTLE stretching of the muscle (like gentley chewing gum). Try some warm salt water rinses (1/4tsp to 8oz). This will help relax the muscle from the inside and also help reduce any edema in the tissue.

And, yes, this takes time. I'm with the others. It sounds like typical surgical trauma pain. You just had major dental surgery. It's going to take a few weeks to heal.
Do the compresses...rice in a thin sock tossed in the microwave for a minute works great. You can get a comfortable temperature and it lasts for awhile.

GOOD LUCK. The pain will gradually go away, but time is your only friend here.

Best to you,