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Re: myelomalacia im terrified please help

Originally Posted by Chitown2012 View Post
I can't agree morewith "Feelbad", if you go ahead with surgery make certain you have what I believe is called "Intraoperative Somatosensory-Evoked Potential Monitoring." It's that extra safety margin you need to try and prevent any intraoperative mishaps...
When I mentioned this to the Surgeon he said that it wouldn't change anything that he would do in the operation if he used this. He said they go off all the time unnecessarily. He said nobody in the hospital uses them for this kind of operation but that he would use it for the likes of scoliosis where he would be pulling the whole spine and its needed then. This is what he said. By the sounds of things this doesn't seem to be an option for me at all with this surgeon or any other at this hospital.