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22 and stressed

up until about 2ish years ago i would have no problems with erections and wake up every morning with one. i got stressed out i became a hypochondriac and got stressed out scared i was dying. i had just started hanging out with my girlfriend and i would be turned on and would get erections. we wouldn't have sex but she would pleasure me with her hands. now i don't always wake up with one. occasionally i do and we started having sex occasionally. sometimes i can get it up sometimes i fall flat on my face. i occasionally have a wet dream. I'm not sure if something is wrong with me or if its in my head. maybe performance anxiety or just anxiety in general. I'm nervous. friday i surprisingly was able to have sex for a while. saturday i could barely keep it up to put a condom on and then just couldn't get it up. i noticed i have a low sex drive. I'm only 22 and idk whats going on. i want to have sex with her all the time to keep her happy. i don't take any medications and i don't want to resort to taking any pills that could harm my health at a younger age. help please

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