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Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared

I wish I had found your question sooner. I would definitely use clomid in the case where you are only having IUI and not intercourse. It just takes so much longer trying it the natural way, all the while you are paying co-pays for every visit and the bills and emotional toll really add up. Clomid costs about $5 and does necessitate a couple more doctor's visits for ultrasound monitoring but it boosts your progesterone levels and increases the odds of conception by maturing more follicles. It's great that you got pregnant the first try, that is pretty rare for IUI only.
Best of luck next month! I would ask for a 7 dpo progesterone test to make sure the clomid is working for you in increasing your progesterone levels. If your level is under 15, I suggest you request a prescription for progesterone suppositories.

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