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Smile Re: Getting approval from doctor for disability

Great news! UHC approved my IVIG therapy and I will be getting my first infusion this coming Friday!

The drug is called "gammagard" and I will received treatment once a month. Just got my shipment today at home.
Has anyone had experience with getting IVIG/gammagard? what do I need to expect?
I read the list of possible side affects.

From what I understand, the 4th week afterwards you may start to feel sick again because it raises the IGG up and then drops?

Or will I feel better after my treatment; from what one other poster stated earlier, it will take weeks to start to feel normal however?

I am also concerned about my asthma. I breathed in cold air from outside one night, just briefly; the next morning I had severe chills/fever and muscle aches. Was sick all day. I am not sure if these issues will resolve or not, after I get the IVIG. Most likely no. Also, I had an asthma attach the other day and could hardly breathe and got dizzy and light headed. Almost had to call an ambulance.

I spoke to HR and they are going to extend my leave another 2 weeks so I can get a good feel for the drug and how I will react during, and later/afterwards.
I spoke to my doctor and he signed my LTD form and I submitted to HR, just in case I have the worse case senario. Best case senerio is I will be able to return to work before my FML is up. HR told me, if I go back to work and then get sick again, I could go out on STD again; however I would lose my job because of using up FML for the year.