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Asthma Reaction due to Cold Air/Vents/Fans

Hello All,

I have asthma and have issues with coughing when I breathe in cold air, such as during the Fall and Winter time are the worst for me.
After the coughing, the next day my lungs are inflamed and sensitive, I am cut short of breath, and am totally debilitated, very fatigued and tired. In other words, I'm unable to do simple things around the house, much less go to work on days like this. If I sit under a fan or cold vent at work or in public I always wind up sick later.

It has gotten so bad, I am afraid to leave the house most days, because the temperature changes trigger my asthma. I had an episode the other day where my lower lungs were tight and I felt like I was suffocating and got dizzy/liteheaded all of a sudden.

I have been to a lung doctor and he says I only have mild asthma.
Can mild asthma cause inflammation in my lungs for days? and cause me to be "wiped out" for a few days after breathing in cold air?

Has anyone had experiences like this before? If so, please provide me your thoughts and direction.

Thank you.

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