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Re: Getting approval from doctor for disability

All brands of IgG replacement affect each individual differently. I have used 4 different IVIG products before switching to subcutaneous, which I have used 2 brands, one being Gammagard. I had HORRID side effects from IVIG. My best advice is to drink plenty of fluids before and have Gatorade on hand in case you get a headache. No pain medications in the world will get rid of that migraine once you get it. I would also ask ahead of time what speed they are planning on using...the slower the BETTER. The speed accounts for 90% of side effects from IVIG (I did a survey that about 60 people or so answered and these are the TOP suggestions for IVIG). Plan for it to take most of the day, bring a blanket, snacks, and something to keep you occupied. If you feel anything unusual during, ask to slow it down or STOP for 15 minutes. I personally, would be bed ridden the day of and all day after, so I had mine on my Friday off work. By 6pm Sunday, I would be well enough to cook dinner. Remember, IVIG does NOT work over night, it takes 6 months to a year to see a noticeable improvement in the severity and frequency of infections.

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