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Good day all,

I am new to the forum. My daughter is 12 and was diagnosed with Asperger's a year ago, although we have suspected she had it ever since first grade when a psychologist tested her at her school for other disorders (she tested negative for all the 'suspected' things, like ADD, but the psychologist picked up on signs of Asperger's during the testing). It has been a long road to get an official diagnosis and now we are finally starting to get some services to help my daughter with her struggles.

For the past few months, however, my daughter's usual meltdowns at school have been more profound and she has started professing a desire to kill herself. She sometimes tries to physically harm herself (choking herself with her hands until she is blue or strangling herself with an article of clothing) and has talked to her teachers about ways she can 'end it all' in these dark moments. I am terrified by this new and disturbing behaviour and don't know how to make her stop, nor do her teachers.

My daughter has just started seeing a psychologist, but the appointments are not regular, so I don't find that this is helping just yet. She will not have an EA at her school until fall, either, so between now and then, I feel like this may just keep on happening because she does not yet have the full level of support she needs. I work full time and it is interfering with my ability to do my job when I get called by the school on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, sometimes needing to leave work and go get her because she is in such a state.

She had a particularly bad episode yesterday, and after trying to choke herself a few times and repeatedly telling teachers she wanted to die, I had to go to the school to get her and bring her home. I am now on compassionate leave from work to try to deal with all of this and really don't know where to go other than back to the psychologist (which we are doing, of course).

Has anyone here had experience with suicidal ideation in their Asperger child? If so, how did you (and his/her teachers and mental health professionals) handle it? I am open to any suggestions that might help me to deal with her bouts of severe depression and self-harming.

Thank you.

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