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Re: What's going on?! Itches, spots etc

Hopefully, your dermatologist will be able to give you the correct diagnoses!

All my life I've had some type of 'creeping crud' as my family calls it. Doctors have diagnosed scabies, spider bites, contact dermatitis....and prescribed all the treatments that were supposed to help them. Nothing cleared it up.

I only see a dermatologist now cause the doctors were always wrong! One dermatologist laughed when I told him the doctor said I had scabies. He said it couldn't possibly be scabies, the rash was not even close to what scabies looked like.

One biopsy showed I had an unusual virus or something going on internally. He was able to show me in one of his manuals. He put me on an antibiotic for quite a while and the outbreak that appeared for several years went away and never came back.

The most recent outbreak was biopsied as hives....and once again it was due to an internal allergy. The dermo prescribed a special cream and allergy pills and that was the end of that.

Good luck with the dermatologist...they are the only docs I've has success with in diagnosing skin conditions!
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