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Re: LPR- Nearly Cured! READ THIS

To eew: I just posted a question on the message board about what the optimum Vit D levels are for LPR patients (oop! wish I had read your post above first!) Anyway, I was wondering how you found out about 65 being a good level to shoot for - ? (This does verify in my mind that my son's score of 32.8 is WAY too low.) Did a particular type of doctor or nutricianist make this recommendation? My son's pediatrician just shrugged off my concern and told me not to mess with Vit D suppliments in fear of my making my son's condition worse. My son's GI doc also told me that my son's levels are "fine" (although they also tell me that "LPR is not their specialty and they have no idea what is causing his cough". My son's ENT was the one who diagnosed the LPR, but he has given us absolutely no direction on how to deal with it.) As a side note, my son's Vit B level was also a bit high... 1035 (whereas the "normal" range is like 124 - 918. I am wondering if this might be causing him problems too. Anyway, any thoughts or feedback that you or others can offer would be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!

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