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Cool Re: What is better

WOW! nicely said u covered everything. i agree with everything u said .yes ,every time i get frustrated i tell myself it could b worse. live life happy even if your in pain. i have an uncanny way of being able to talk to myself. no i'm not phsycho. talking to myself keeps me in check and it keeps me from having 2 usr antidepressents. don't get me wrong i've been on them. the less i have to take the better. lonliness is my biggest problem. unless you've been in chronic pain noone understands and people get tired of hearing (omg my back is killing me) family too. they r powerless in what they can do to help us. so i quit saying anything negative. you will b fine. it takes time, patience,and learning to accept the fact that u will never b pain free. once u accept that it goes alot easier. whatever u do don't ever ask(WHY ME). your answer won't come instead ask (WHY NOT) well take care of your body, mind, and spirit. dave knows what he's talking about. excellent response. MAKE IT AN EVERY DAY CHALLENGE TO WAKE UP AND SMILE. i always tell myself. i'm here i'm walking and i have family and friends that love me and care about me. Whats better than that. love to u