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Need a little help here please...well probably more but...we will start with this!!!

Hope all is well but I have a problem and not sure where to turn cause I have a great Dr. but I feel lost and I don't want him to start thinking i'm a hypochondriac if he doesn't probably already think so!!! I noticed that I have this like pitting/indenting in my nails, so far in my thumbnails recently. I told him and showed him at my last appt. that I was at for getting checked for a women infection I have had that wont go away and I am on my third set of antibiotic with but that aside because thats for a different thread. Anyhow I have had weight loss, can't gain weight no matter how much I eat used to be 143 now 115 pretty steady for months and feels sick, nausea and tired no energy alot. So...he did blood work to check my iron and which I thought was a good place to start because as I looked it up before the appt it said low iron can cause this, meantime my mom had said cancer can too Okay today I talked to the Nurse cause I hadnt heard anything and she said I should be getting something but yet the blood work was fine and today i got the results via mail and yes it was fine! Okay so...where do I go from here? I know this is not right? Someone please advise me what they might do please???
Thanks a bunch!!!
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