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Re: more back surgery or not?

Welcome to the board. Do you have any reason to believe the fracture at L1 is still 30%? I guess I would be concerned that perhaps it has increased due to your activity and increase in pain.

I hope you now understand that you are still very early in your recovery and you will need to be extra-careful for many months to come.

Hardware is removed for a variety of reasons, although it is far from common. Normally it is not done until the fusion has formed solid, unless there is some critical issue that would require removing it sooner. If the hardware is removed prior to fusion, the chance of the spine being unstable is great.

I really couldn't guess whether you might need surgery to repair that L1.

You won't know for awhile if you will need to make some modifications to your lifestyle in order to preserve your back so that when you are in your 70s you will still be mobile. I will tell you right now that the L4-L5 segment will be in danger of developing degenerative disc disease due to the fact that you will be fused from L2 -L4. The L4-L5 already takes the brunt of all motion due to its location. Since you will have little mobility in the segments above it, there will be increased stress on the segments adjacent to the fused area. Even with a normal amount of wear and tear, that L4-L5 segment is going to be at some risk. If you are very active doing movements that stress the spine, you will probably face this "domino effect" sooner rather than later. No crystal ball -- but something that is worth mentioning...something for you to be aware of.

Due to the location of the fusion, I don't think you'll notice much loss of flexibility. When the L4-L5 and L5-S1 are fused, there is loss of ability to twist or bend backward...but I don't think you'll notice a big difference.

I'm sorry you've been through such a difficult injury and hope the L1 clears up soon. You may just have to be patient for a couple weeks and see how things heal.

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