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Re: Going tomorrow

Originally Posted by jgrangran View Post
Thanks and Good for you for quitting. I really think they are going to start really charging people extra, I used to work in the Hospital and I would hear how some of the DR's would talk about smoking and one day I asked one of them if they treated smoker differently he said he didn't but I would heard how they would told if only thier pt. knew what they were saying not all DR's are that way but some are just like some are mean to heavier people.
When my doctor told me (OR I finally "heard" him) say I had about 25% of my lung capacity left, I really freaked out. He was certain I had emphysema. Previously, I was told since I was a little kid I was born with bronchitis (parents smoked) and once I became a teen (and a smoker) it became chronic bronchitis. Anyway, we did a lung test and proved that I had lost nearly 75% of my lung strength. I watched my great grandfather with emphysema, then my grandmother die from it. Just before that, my favorite uncle had passed away from both lung cancers (smokers and non smokers) - and had NOT SMOKED for over 25 years when he came down with it.

So I knew it was just a matter of time if I didn't stop it now. I knew climbing stairs was not a favorite pass time lung wise (or back wise) but the lung thing started making more sense at that time.

After I had quit for 14 months, I went back to my doc and made him give me the lung test again.. he tried to hold me off for a while but I was insistant.. and THANK GOD my lungs were at normal range again. He was totally surprised. I think they bounced back because I once played clarinet.. which requires lung controls etc... don't ask me why, but its the only thing I can think of that could have made my lungs so resilient to bounce back like that- that fast..