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Re: Any ideas? Please help me

Sorry for taking so long to respond. I guess the part about changing the anti-fungal didn't really make much sense the way I wrote it. ; ) According to my doc and herbologist, you need to change the type of anti-fungal you are taking every 6-8 weeks. The fungus in your system starts to adapt to the anti-fungal, so if you use the same anti-fungal for too long it becomes ineffective. Other anti-fungals you can use are Olive Leaf Extract, Caprilyc Acid, and Oil of Oregano. You may also want to try taking a pro-biotic to replace the good bacteria that gets killed off in your intestines when you take antibiotics.

Also, a long time ago before I saw the Alternative doc I see now, I read about a study that found Maitake mushrooms to be effective at fighting vaginal yeast infections. I took it to my OB/GYN and he said it was worth a try since none of the other prescription treatments were working for me. It seemed to help more than anything else at the time. Eventually, I stopped having so many problems up until about a year ago. Another remedy my old OB/GYN used that seemed to help more than prescription drugs was blue ink. He said that women used to use it a long time ago before so many prescriptions became available. I would go in and he basically used a large cotton swab to paint everything blue. If you have a doc that will do this for you, make sure that you wear granny panties for a few days. It is ink, so it dyes anything you wear next to your skin. My doc tried this after having me take Diflucan daily for 3 weeks with no results.

Hopefully, this helps with some of your symptoms.