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Back pain and reflux or ulcer?

I overindulged a week or so ago, had plenty of food and some adult beverages on top of that.

I woke up the next morning and the muscle between the spine and left shoulder blade mid-back was sore as sore can be. Also had burning pain in the chest to the left of the sternum to solar plexus. Seems OK after I get some sleep at night, but starts right back up after I get up. OK until I eat something, then it starts getting worse. Put myself on Prilosec x 1 a day and since it got bad it seems to be getting a little better every day, but not much.

I don't smoke, have a normal weight, and drink only occasionally (not benders, just 4-5 drinks/week sporadically).

Any help or thoughts from folks that may have experiences like this too would be nice. I have occasional panic issues (got it pretty much under control, but still not fun) and of course the nagging pain isn't doing any favors.

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