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Vaginal Pain during arousal

This might get a little wordy and graphic but I am frustrated and need to put it all out there in hopes someone can point us in the right direction on how to help our situation.

Me and my wife have been married now for about 2 years, We are both 25. Shortly after we got married my wife started to develop back problems. After discovering she had a bulged disk in her spine she had back surgery to fix it. Things were great for about 13 month then she started having the same back problems. Once again we went to the doctor where they discovered she had a bad disk, this time a herniated disk. We got her into surgery and they fixed it. It has been over a year since that last surgery and ever since it she has had pain in her vagina when ever she gets aroused, this has totally killed off our sex life as you can imagine. I have tried everything with her, toys, lubes, oral, but every time she starts to get aroused she says it feels like someone is jabbing a needles into her. to make matters worse while she was having all of her back problems she was taking massive amounts of pain killers. As a result she developed a allergic reaction to what is called "nsaids" a ingredient found in all pills. So she can not take anything to deal with pain as the doctors have suggested. Oh and I recently lost my job and had to take a other which provides no health care so we do not have insurance so we cant go see a doctor.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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