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Re: Hand Tremor / Symptoms of TMJ Disorder Help!

I am 20 years old and should not be so worried about my health, but a few months ago some very strange symptoms started, all classic of TMJ disorder:
I'm just about to be 23 and have been experiencing most of my symptoms at least for the past four years. It sucks, but for whatever reason...

Eye "floaters" or sensitivity to light
Usually black or "transparent" for me...these suckers can make driving during the day time somewhat of an obstacle course.

A strange feeling of dizziness
This, for me, usually doesn't manifest until I'm just entirely disoriented from the pain. The headaches caused by the neuropathic pain make it impossible to think about direction or spatial orientation.

Constant fatigue or feeling lethargic
This is one of the most damaging effects of TMJD that often goes unnoticed. When you grind at night, you are not only more likely to wake up, but you're decreasing the quality of the sleep you are getting that will be followed by the pain upon waking.

Ear pain and tinnitus
I have a very characteristic "itch" deep in my right ear that I cannot seem to itch that I believe to be related to the TMJD because I can sometime get it to stop after moving my jaw a bit. This is one of the few symptoms of my TMJD that is not bilateral. The tinnitus is, at times, quite amazing to me - even ringing louder than our marching band rehearsing.

Mild head "aches" (not that bad)
Pain near jaw
Clicking and popping on my right side when I chew
Weird sinus pressure or pressure in face and head
Headaches usually only develop as a side-effect of the inability to cope with functioning under the painful and stressful conditions of the TMJD. The pain itself is very very unique and combined severe muscle fatigue and tenderness of the inflamed tissue along with the pain associated with pressure upon the nerves near the joint. Youch. Clicking and popping (which I tend to try and avoid now!) are bilateral. The sinus pressure issues are certainly another issue I've noticed...having a bad blockage in association with inflammation around the TMJ is a nightmare.

Really bad shoulder and neck tension (lots of really bad knots)
I've always had back/shoulder pain since I was in grade school. Had an MRI on the back in fifth grade...said I had a slight spinal curvature that may be causing the problem while I grew, but that it shouldn't be a problem. Hadn't had too much of a problem until this December when I began rolling my head (similar to Stevie wonder, for a reference of the physical motion) I had previously flicked my head (and my hands at times) but this is a more regular (although non-rhythmic and not entirely constant) motion. Causes a terribly stiff and inflamed neck.

By the time I figured out it was my tmj disorder it all made sense. I went to the dentist and he made me a splint that I wear at night, since I am pretty sure I grind my teeth.
I chewed through my first splint in one night and the second took me two. The added space between my teeth may actually have led to more inflammation as it took greater effort to grind on the splint. There is no evidence splint therapy is any better than taking an OTC anti-inflammatory. Might save the cosmetic appearance a bit (I certainly have done quite a number.) But I also believe from my experience that you still grind - just with a greater amount of force required to open your jaw.

My question is about one symptom I am stumped on and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem - it started with my teeth slightly trembling together, almost like they are chattering from cold but only when I hold my two front teeth together. You couldn't even tell if you looked at them but I could feel it. Then, most recently I've had this sensation where I feel like my nerves are out of whack and are shaking from the inside of my body from my neck down to my hands and fingers and it is also affecting my legs. When I hold them still my hands shake/tremble and when I sit down my legs do the same, noticeably on my thighs. I am terrified it is MS or parkinson's but logic tells me that it is probably from my jaw being out of alignment affecting the nerves and muscles in the rest of my body.
I noticed my hand tremor about a year after I was diagnosed with TMJ. It has progressed and I do believe it to be related to TMJ (probably as a coexisting symptom of a larger condition.) It also seems to present itself as a sort of muscular confusion or fatigue, as the tremor worsens when I grip something or carry weight. Flexing my arm causes my fingers to tense and begin to tremor ever so slightly. Flexing my ankle will do the same to my toes. I recently saw a neurologist who concentrated on my tics and tremor (which he did not relate) and completely blew off my TMJD.

The thing is, I believe my TMJD to be of the same etiology as my tremor and related, in an underlying fashion, to the odd movements I make (with my head, hands, eyes twitching, etc.) I tried to point out that if you look inside my mouth, my masseter is in fact tremoring. This constant flexing causes the tissues to inflame, hence the pressure placed on the nerve and the pain experienced. Seems simple to me...nobody wants to try and investigate this.

I've tried looking online for any hand "tremor" symptoms related to TMJ disorder but can't find anything. PLEASE HELP! I really need some peace of mind. My dentist didn't seem to think it was related.
I've found it very hard to find doctors who are willing to treat ME, the patient. They are trying to treat symptoms, diseases, disorders...but sometimes there are not good boxes to check that will lead to the right answers. I hope you get the answers you're looking for - I know I've been having a hell of a time trying to find mine!