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Smile Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story

Originally Posted by gingertea View Post
Is a splint and a gauntlet the same thing? Before surgery I wore a soft black wrist brace with a thumb holder and it velcroed around my wrist. It was for carpal tunnel and my sore thumb. They called it a gauntlet.

Surgical cast was taken off at 13 days and stitches removed. I then got a hard cast and another appointment in 13 days. This Tuesday will be 26 days from surgery and I'm hoping this cast comes off and they replace it with something removable. It's really irritating my wrist bone. Is it too early for something softer to be put on?
I don't think the 'gauntlet' is stable enough at this point. That's why I'm wondering if a splint is different. AKA Lady, yours sounded ideal....

Janet 20, you were in your cast 4 weeks? I don't think my wrist bone can handle 2 more weeks of this hard cast. Did you wear the same cast for 4 weeks, or did they remove it to take more x-rays and put a new one on?

How long until you were able to drive a car?

Thanks for your input!
Hi Gingertea,
I never heard of a gauntlet but I know what you mean. I had the surgical cast for 10 days, had the stitches out and then the hard cast for 3 wks so 4 weeks total of something not removable. It was hard but looking back that was the easy part. I had two pins in my thumb too to hold the new joint in place. That was annoying. One of my friends who had the same Dr as I did went back to have a new cast as it was so tight it irritated her wrist. The day I had the cast off and the pins out, they gave me a removable splint that was very stiff and held my wrist steady. I started PT the next day after the cast came off. The black splint the Dr gave me hurt to put on as I had to slip my hand in it. The Ptherapist made me a molded cast that had velcro to remove it. It was ugly but more comfortable at that point. I started driving to my PT appts and just around the neighborhood after a few weeks of having the cast off.I had a hard time getting my seatbelt on and turning the steering wheel with just my left hand.
I never had more x rays and now wondering why. The Dr saw me in Jan.before I left to go away for the winter and he said to use my hand as much as possible. I have to see him in April when I get home. Everyone on this board seems like they are healing quickly. I am getting worried cause my hand is still a little swollen and my thumb is still sore and my wrist is still somewhat stiff. I guess I just want to be 100%. It's hard to be patient. You sound like you're right on track. I think if I had had more PT I'd be further along. This made my trip more difficult packing and unpacking. We went to several places this year and I had to use my thumb a lot!!
Good luck and let me know what your Dr says and when you have the cast off. Do you have pins in? It is a good feeling to have the removable splint that's for sure. Hang in there.