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Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story

Originally Posted by Janet20 View Post
Hi Gingertea,
I never heard of a gauntlet but I know what you mean. I had the surgical cast for 10 days, had the stitches out and then the hard cast for 3 wks so 4 weeks total of something not removable. It was hard but looking back that was the easy part. I had two pins in my thumb too to hold the new joint in place. That was annoying. One of my friends who had the same Dr as I did went back to have a new cast as it was so tight it irritated her wrist. The day I had the cast off and the pins out, they gave me a removable splint that was very stiff and held my wrist steady. I started PT the next day after the cast came off. The black splint the Dr gave me hurt to put on as I had to slip my hand in it. The Ptherapist made me a molded cast that had velcro to remove it. It was ugly but more comfortable at that point. I started driving to my PT appts and just around the neighborhood after a few weeks of having the cast off.I had a hard time getting my seatbelt on and turning the steering wheel with just my left hand.
I never had more x rays and now wondering why. The Dr saw me in Jan.before I left to go away for the winter and he said to use my hand as much as possible. I have to see him in April when I get home. Everyone on this board seems like they are healing quickly. I am getting worried cause my hand is still a little swollen and my thumb is still sore and my wrist is still somewhat stiff. I guess I just want to be 100%. It's hard to be patient. You sound like you're right on track. I think if I had had more PT I'd be further along. This made my trip more difficult packing and unpacking. We went to several places this year and I had to use my thumb a lot!!
Good luck and let me know what your Dr says and when you have the cast off. Do you have pins in? It is a good feeling to have the removable splint that's for sure. Hang in there.

Hi Janet,

I am sorry to hear that your hand is still swollen & your wrist is stiff.
If I remember rightly I suggested you order Arnica cream online to take down & greatly reduce the swelling. Arnica should also help the stiffness in your wrist. You can apply this cream, which is a homeopathic remedy, three times a day (even more if you wish) & before you go to sleep at night.

You can ask Adkalady what she thinks of Arnica as she followed my advice.

Wishing you well.