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Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story

Hi everybody. Janet, I am not yet completely healed at 4 months. My wrist is still a little stiff, my thumb also a little numb on the left top side, and sometimes I still have the throbbing ache. When I press my hand flat, it hurts at the base of the hand. Like yourself, I also have severe osteoarthritis in my other fingers so, although I can make a fist, it is very loose and hurts! I do think that the Arnica helps me, along with putting my hands in a sink full of warm water and letting them soak. I don't do the hand exercises any more, as they just aggravate my other fingers. I'm going to try to rely more on the Arnica and start to experiment with homeopathic remedies as I wean myself off the Celebrex, which hardly seems to help anyway. Somehow I don't think the pain you are having in your pinkie is related to the surgery, though. And I'm surprised that you didn't have an X-ray. I had one after the first 10 days and another at 2 months out. My last appointment is 3/13, and then it is back to work! Next winter, I plan to have the same procedure on my left thumb. I'm glad that I had this surgery!