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Re: RFC Form

Originally Posted by LillyMac View Post
I just started the process to file for SSDI. I have been diagnosed with Forestier's disease or DISH it's a rare disorder involving bony growths on my spine, from what I understand. First started being a problem in 2009.

Ive read that key to any Social Security Disability or SSI claim is a form called the Residual Functional Capacity or Ability to do Work Related Activity form.

If my doctor does not want to complete this or is in dissagreement with my ability to work could I still be qualify?

I'm not sure if they will. My physical therapist has graded my range of motion very low, which it is. I'm slowly turning into the tin man and there is no cure.
Hi LilyMac

In my opinion,without your own personal doctors support/agreeing with your disability is putting you at a tremendous disadvantage from the start.Being that you are just beginning the application process(which will most likely take 2+ years to get approved).......I would immediately get another medical opinion ASAP.

Don't waste time in the early stages due to a doctor not recognizing your disability/ailment.Do the leg work now,as it cant hurt in any way,shape or form.If other doctors give you the same "negative" answers/response,then in all honesty you are most likely not disabled,and will have very little chance of approval.The time alone will be beyond stressful

There are soooo many members on this forum(incl myself) that will help you through this ordeal,and have been through the entire process themselves.Ask us any questions you may have!


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