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Re: I seem OK till it comes to Adult/Complex Conversations

Originally Posted by MrDistersoc78 View Post
SSDI or SSI? I dont' reallly know . someone helped me with the application and i forgot which one it was. I'm in my 30s, yes i live with parents. No i dont have a lawyer. what'st that for?
once you apply for benefits it is for both SSI & SSDI. Social Security will determine which one you qualify for. If youhave worked enough and hace enough work credits you will recieve SSDI if you have not worked enough to have the credits you will have SSI , once your application is approved they will figure it out. Ususally people obtain a Lawyer after the second deniel, because after that you have to go in front of a judge for a hearing. the Lawyer helps you prepare for that and speaks upon your behalf when necessary , it is more important to seek out a social security Lawyer during this stage to get you through all the legal stuff. Your parents are not supporting you so their no help , but you do have help which is good. As for the physical exam the Dr. did not do a complete one , so that is not your fault. LIke you said your speech and memory problems were recognized and now you have to wait and see if it is enough to prevent you from working a substaneil gainful activity. Sometimes parents do not like to think that their kids are disabled and need assistance, it is hard for them to accept that , becasue they see their kids as perfect.

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