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Re: Difficulty/Restricted Breathing

Originally Posted by TEdds83 View Post
Hi Twiggle, I have read throught your post as well as everyone's responses. You have my symptoms to a tee. It is very frightening I know all too well. I am having a real bad flare up of reflux right now and have started back on my Prevacid. I hate being on it too long because it gives my side effects like electric shock sensations in my muscles, my hair thins out and I get constipated. But I do it for awhile to get things back under control,

I have lots of mucus in my throat and drainage down my throat from my sinus's I do have allergies too. I have shortness of breath and it makes me feel like I have asthma. When I go out into the cold air or walk up stairs it sets it off. quite scary. I feel like I have to yawm ALOT to get a full breath in. It is tender and sore in my sternum area. I am under alot of financial stress and I live alone and am a college student in my 40's. I try not to worry but we all do and I think it sets off the reflux.

I was scoped 3 years ago and the doctor found nothing wrong with me. I hate to have it done again if I don't have to. Try not to be scared. Its good to have it done at least once so you can rule anything out. It will be ok. It's all about getting it back under control. The flare ups come and go. Now I can recognize it pretty quick when the symptoms start in.

I have aloe vera juice in the fridge and Apple Cidar Vinegar on hand. I try to take those when i remember. Also get on an probiotic everyday. This will REALLY help! I swear by them. Please let us know how you are. Try not to panic. Take slow cleansing breaths and put a movie in and try to get your mind off of things. P.S. we are all here to talk to you any time!

Take care!

I use all three of those remedies, too, as my primary natural medicines: Probiotics, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Aloe Vera. Considering your other posts, I think you and I have the same condition and an inclination to treat it the same way. Interesting!