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Re: What do I do?

Thanks guys. I Have thought about going to a church before but I can't get the courage to actually go. I have anxiety and I feel like everyone in churches will judge me or see me as unworthy to be inside. I was baptized about 8 years ago and that took everything I had with hundreds (was a rather large church) of people staring at me. My anxiety has gotten worse since then, probably from lack of socializing and getting out of the house other than going to work. I dont think I would be able to step foot inside a large church and smaller churches scare me even more because the fact they are so small, there wont be too many people and the people who Are there will definitely notice a new comer. I dont want to be pointed out or become the center of attention because I am new. I have looked online for places around my area that may be able to point me in the right direction for help but they all require me to call a #..My anxiety isnt limited to face to face confrontations. I cant talk on phones. I get really nervous and stutter then hang up cause I feel like an idiot. Is there any way , any kind of, that may help me overcome this at least enough to where I Can call someone on a frickin phone? I feel so stupid. This is ridiculous.