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Re: What do I do?

Do you work around people? Maybe you can think of going to church like going to work. You don't have to stick out. Go on a Sunday or a holiday when it it busy and scope it out. Remember, you posted on here because "you are tired of not having anyone to talk to or care about you" so it is going to take a bit of a push to make those changes happen. Do you ever call your insurance company or cable provider? Maybe try calling some of those or places like Best Buy, a library, or grocery store to ask them some random questions just to get used to your voice being heard over the phone. You have to start with small steps. Maybe try getting a pet to talk to and take care of. Your pet will care about you too and build your confidence. Even taking your pet for a walk or to the vet can spur conversation but it will all be about the pet so it takes you out of the attention. Maybe go to the grocery store or take walks in the mall to "blend in" with people to get used to being around other people and picking up on their social skills. Every bit of exposure helps. The key is to try something