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Re: LPR- Nearly Cured! READ THIS

Hi hrvioux and everyone, you are most welcome. Vit D is not a cure but it sure helps LPR alot! No worries, when you can redo your comments, it will pop up on my email. I've done that too. Lost everything I wrote. I just read an article on a Dr. Morehouse worth the read. I am only able to save it as a pdf and I'm not able to attach to this so try to look up "Morehouse physician touts benefits of ‘sunshine vitamin’ for better health". Looks like its on a Wiki article and at the bottom of the page are two articles one in 2011 and one in 2012 that are pdfs. They are worth the read. Let me know what you thoughts on it. Did I share with all of you that my normally high blood pressure went to 129/81...quite an improvement. I'm not on blood pressure medications anymore. I'm not doing bad for being 60 years old even though I'm still have LPR but a much much milder version! I'm still so stunned Drs don't use Vit D test or prescribe it for their patients. I know that I have been probably low in Vit D all my life. I've ordered B12 drops, calcium carbonate (easier on LPR patients as it doesn't cause excessive acid) and Magnesium. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will keep me improving. I will let you know after I receive them and have been on them awhile if there is more improvement. I've upped my Vit D to 8,000 IU a day for one month then I plan to go to 6,000 IU for anothe month and then retest. If I can get myself to a Vit D score of 65 I will level off at 4,000 IU of Vit D to maintain. Take care now. eew