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pain in legs 5 months after microdisectomy(decompression)

Mri in september 2011 before i had surgery.

Injured back in september 2010. Reason for mri scan beacause i had pain in feet and ankles plus pain in lower back around l4-l5 region.

mri showed the following


disc space narrowing with broard based posterior disc protrusion and annular tear which is indenting the anterior thesac sac narrowing the thesac 7.5mm dieameter and crowding nerve routes. Ligamentum flavum hyperttrophy and minor degenerative change in the facet joint.


There is posterior bulging of the annulus indenting the thecal sac without canal stenosis or focal disc protrusion. normal width of the neural foramina.

I had surgery in october 2011. A nerve route decopression on l4-l5 on both sides. surgeon said operation was a complete success without any complication.

nearly 5 months later.
Pain in both legs from thighs down to feet and into ankles. Pain in all toes apart from littke toes. Pain is a buzzing sensation with a strong aching pain in both legs. Also sharp pains in legs and some times sharp pains in back. very bad back pain. Pain three times worse than before surgery.
i am on 400mg of tramadol per day that takes off 85% of pain. I have tried to come of tramadol several times and can only last a maximum of 2 days without the tablet and then i am in pain that brings tears to my eyes.

I have got another mri booked in 2 weeks

can any 1 tell me why i am still in pain? will it ever get better? please help

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