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Question On birth control but having left "ovary" type pains during intercourse.

I use to have really bad ovarian pain regularly when I was in my teens (i'm 23) and they eventually got better over the years. I haven't had any cyst pain or problems since I've been on the BC pills I'm on now, like two years. Until this last weekend...I started having left side pain during intercourse, I'm thinking it's my ovary since it's similar and then yesterday I started feeling the pain when I move, very mildly though. I'm a little concerned about it since I haven't had any issues like this in several years and the BC control is suppose to help these issues. Has any other lady had this happen to them??? I'm also concerned about ectopic pregnancy even though I'm on BC, it's just so odd for me to have this pain now... Note: It's not an infection or std. I have only one partner and I get checked regularly. Any ideas would be helpful!

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