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Re: Reduction Issues

Hi! I 'm not sure this will help or not but when I was 19 I had 36DDD ( biggest bra I could find) and I hate it . Back in 70's this was not heard of or my doc never told me about it. I had deep groves in the shoulders from the heavy weight and back problems. Clothes were always bigger then I needed on top.Driving was different. getting up( after surgery) I was 40y when I had this done as I had gotten up to 38 F/G and it was doing damage to my back.. My back was so bad that Doc said get it done or you will not be able to walk when I got older. Will I did it and it was the best thing I did. They took off about 15 lbs. I went from 38 F/g to 36C when all was done. The first time I went to stand up I almost fell flat of the floor. The movement to get up is different not so much force. There are scars but I don't mine .My husband could not believe the transformation. I sit up straight .I got back to running. (before I swear I'd get black eyes from them swing). I would ask your parents why they are against it. Then ask your Doc to talk to them and see if he can answer their concerns. Good luck.

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