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Just got Imugen WB test back with 41 band IgG present...please help with a question

I have been having a lot of GI issues lately, but with some random unexplained symptoms such has cold hands/feet, muscles feeling jell-o-y, tiredness, weakness, very dizzy... had tons of tests done..

My pcp is an infecteous disease specialist, he order the Elisa lyme test and was negative but order the Imugen WB any way, their Antibody Captue Enzyme Immunoassay showed no IgM, IgG, or IgA antibody detected.

The Immunoblot (IgG) (i.e., Western Blot) came back with ONLY band 41 IgG present, and my doc said there is pretty much no way I have Lyme.. but I am still concerned, even though both tests came back negative.

I read through some posts and the 'info' post but I am having a hard time of what to make of Pcp didnt even think it was important enough to discuss and chalked the 41 IgG being present to a past infection I may have had?

I have been looking this up and came across some people claiming they have Lyme with only the 41 IgG present and others saying it could simply show from a past STD or something, is this true?

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