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very fuzzy head with dizziness

Hi there,

In November last year (2011) I went to a Physiotherapist for treatment for my stiff neck and she did a neck manipulation. This resulted in severe dizziness which has continued. Upon visiting the ENT he diagnosed BPPV.
I then had to see the dentist who did two fillings followed by root canal treatment. The BPPV has deteriorated and, while I am not having vertigo, I do have a very fuzzy head with dizziness which occurs almost every second day. Does anybody know who long this can go on for? I am not taking any medication as I don't feel it is bad enough for that but these experiences are pretty life inhibiting. Incidentally, the ENT did perform an Epley manouver but this does not seem to have helped. Also, has anybody else had this experience after root canal treatment.


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