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Re: Comminuted calcaneal fracture intra-articular? What Now?

Keep it elevated, 23 hours a day. That is about all you can do until you get this figured out, and for the 3 months to follow.

Keep calling. Some people have surgery, some don't. But if they said you should I would keep calling.

As far as you the things you love to do, I am doing everything I want to do. Some moderation. I haven't done any long hikes, but have done some hunting and running around in the woods.

What may happen, is you will have to spend some pain currency to do the activities you enjoy. You may spend the rest of the day with your foot up. Though activities like basketball or running, may not happen.

I suspect, you will be able to cycle, in fact I have thought about getting one for the exercise. You may be able to run, but there is debate about whether it just wears the joints out quicker, and hastens the arthritis. I am not a doctor, but I suspect it might.

Hiking you might do, I have gone out in the woods. Probably not real long walks, or big inclines. You may have to take breaks.

Good socks and shoes or boots will be a big help. Be strict about doing the PT, not just at the office but at home. PT is very important.

But for now, keep it elevated. Really elevated, toes above the nose. I slept with it on two pillows, and two pillows in my recliner, tilted back. A wheel chair is easier for getting around the house, and long distance outside.

One good thing, is you should be good enough shape by winter.
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