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Re: Stapedectomy itchy ear canal

Hi Peofe

I had my stapedectomy on 8th March and had most of the packing removed last Thursday. I still have some gauze in my ear and tape over my ear and don't know when the surgeon is planning on removing that. I have an appointment on Friday when I hope he will do.

I also have itchiness now and again. Luckily it isn't there all the time. I woke up one night in the first week when it was so bad I couldn't sleep. I took some ibuprofen and that helped.

When I get itchiness I tend to scratch the tape over my ear. It doesn't help that much but I can hear the scratching and it reminds me of the improvement in my hearing and helps me put up with the annoyance.

Billcindy1 has been replying to my posts. She has had a stapedectomy, a revision stapedectomy and a new stapedectomy on her other ear quite recently. It has been great to be able to exchange posts with someone else who has had so much experience. She keeps on telling me that things will improve and that most of the negative things I experience are only temporary. The vast majority of people who have this operation have good outcomes so you have to remain positive and look forward to future improvements.


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