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Re: Reduction Issues

Thanks so much to both of you! I really, really appreciate your kind and helpful words.

We do have insurance that will pay for everything since I have several medical reasons for it.

My parents are both pretty busy with work and other activities they're involved in, so I really felt awkward trying to sit down and explain everything to my mom. I ended up writing her an email with all of the medical evidence and statistics that supports my reasoning.

To my disbelief, my mom actually agreed! my dad, on the other hand, isn't 100% on board with us yet. He still thinks the back pain issues related to my chest are actually due to my scoliosis (I have a mild scoliosis, it's only about 20 degrees). I don't belief the pain is caused by this, if anything, the weight of my chest is probably hurting my spine (not the other way around).

I'm praying that this all goes through smoothly and both parents agree to the reduction and all goes well.

Again, thanks so much for taking your time to share your input.