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Re: Fatigue is really bad, should I see the Rhumatologist?

Please see the Rhumetologist... They really are the best for treatment...
I've tried Cymbolta which made me numb to everything, Neurontin but didn't work as good, Lyrica can't remember why I didn't like it... I'm on Savella & really like it. Gave me hot flashes the first two months but once I got passed that it's pretty good. Doesnt make me more tired like cymbolta & Nuerontin.
Over doing it &/or stress is likely making you feel so exhausted. Being sore & tired all the time is normal for us. It doesn't take much to make it worst.
I'm hurting pretty bad, pretty much constant the last week. I take Tramadol which helps but only when it's just to much to handle. It's my own fault cause I was exercising to much & I knew better. Now I haven't been able to in a week...
The best way to recover from this exhaustion & pain is rest... I myself havent been able to rest, to much going on. So I haven't been able to recover at all... I found it takes me a week to recover if I actually rest. Usually when I over do it I also get extremelly sick but sometimes I am able to bypass that... Usually when I am going through my nausea spells.
Anyhow, it's easier for me to speak from experience. I hope it helps You'll be able to figure out what works best for you. It takes time... I've only been learning how to deal with fibro 2 1/2 yrs & still learning how to control it...
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