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Re: Do you think in words or pictures?

Yeah! I have a really hard time memorizing things, but being able to visualize my notes in my head helps me a lot to recall it. I memorized half of chapter 8 of the Book of Romans, and the thing that helped me the most was visualizing where on the page each verse was- both which side of the page (the left or right page), what column, and how far down on the page.

I recently read part of a book called "Thinking in Pictures". I forgot the name of the author, but she's high functioning Autistic. She described the way she thinks, and it sounds sooo much like the way I think, except for the autistic part- where because her thinking is so visual, generic words like the versions of "to be" have no meaning to her because they have no picture or feeling attached to them. She was eventually able to learn how to use those words, but it took longer than someone without Autism. But besides that, her thought process sounded so much like mine. She said it's almost like flipping through a photo album. Like if someone said the word "dog", it's like flipping through a photo album in your mind of every dog you've ever been in contact with. That's how it is with me, too. Or if you say the word "fuzzy", I immediately get a bunch of images in my mind of cats (both ones I've owned or ones from my neighborhood growing up) and of myself sitting on my couch at home wrapped in a soft blanket.

But additionally, I also associate certain thoughts and/or feelings with colors, and I think I also mentioned that when someone else is speaking I see a lot of the words they say as a picture in my mind- I mean, the actual words as pictures- not something I associate with those words.
It's really fascinating the different ways peoples' brains work.

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